"“Kosovo Tourism in Focus” TV ads"


6 TV spots, developed for Cultural Heritage Without Borders (CHWB), aimed to promote the development of tourism in 6 different towns in Kosovo.

These spots aim to portray the value and unique nature of different towns in Kosovo as sights worth seeing and experiences worth being tried by curious traveler.

The videos focus on: Gjakova, Rahovec, Dragash, Vushtrri, Kaçanik and Partesh, highlighting the cultural heritage sites, beautiful nature, cuisine, and kindhearted people, as characteristic of these towns, and bringing out the heart of each location, enough to spark the interest of potential tourists!

The TV spots feature various heritage sites of the municipalities in focus, such as: famous vineyards, archaeological findings, Halveti tekke, traditional houses, city castles, hammams, old bridges, local music traditions, traditional teahouses wher they serve the famous “Russian” tea, White Drini canyon, Hadum mosque etc.