"Public Education Campaign"

GIZ Kosovo

“Education in your hand” was a countrywide public awareness campaign developed as part of the “Campaign for Better Education” for GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation) project “Capacity Development in Basic Education in Kosovo” (CDBE). The campaign targeted the general public with a particular focus on children, parents and teachers nationwide, with the objective of awareness raising on the improvement of education quality, and activating all education stakeholders for an active engagement in the education reforms.

Campaign 1 “The Architect”

A Future Architect - a little girl with big dreams of building the country - addresses the nation on prime-time television: using the Pisa tower symbolism, she calls on everyone to get up and act now for enabling her, as well as her peers, to become who they dream to become tomorrow, when they grow up, by acting for better education.

Campaign 2 “The Pisa Champion”

A young boy announces PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) is coming, to the whole nation on prime-time television. However, this time around, he’s ready to become a PISA Champion. The video was created to announce the PISA 2018 round, which was the subsequent round after the one where Kosovo ranked last, causing a nationwide outcry for the quality of education in the country.