"Advertising Campaign"

Frutex LLC

Frutex LLC Advertising Campaign

The creative approach for this campaign presents Relax, a fruit beverage, as the perfect solution in stressful situations. Three different scenarios, in which overthinking leads three young men to panic, are magically resolved once they drink a Relax beverage!

Teaser phase:

The campaign used the name of the brand “Relax” to communicate to the general audience during an elaborate teaser phase, which features only a short TV video and outdoor materials with the message” Relax… and then mentioning the first name of a politician, during a time of heated political debates in the country. The teaser phase quickly took over the whole country, with a viral effect, and spread in the public discourse throughout Kosovo.

The advertisement phase:

Once the full TV advertisement was published, it became obvious that the first names of the politicians used in the teaser phase were just names of random guys trying to impress the beautiful lady who’s on a date at a restaurant.

A series of TVCs were produced, portraying main characters and reflecting their point-of-view in relation to character of a famous, soap-opera actress, superbly played by the Kosovar actress Majlinda Kosumi.