"VET Public Awareness Campaign"


An integrated public awareness campaign, for the Enhancing Youth Employment (EYE) Project, that raised awareness about the potential of Vocational Education and Training (VET) study options for rapid entry into the job market. Koperativa developed for EYE two TV ads, design of print materials, a series of web testimonials, a social media strategy that aimed to attract the target audience to the project, as well as the launch event of the campaign.

The campaign aimed to inform parents and potential students on the employment potential of VET graduates to increase employment opportunities for Kosovar youth and thereby enhance labor market conditions in Kosovo.

For this campaign, we pushed forward a cool and appealing image for technical professions, with ample future prospects. Our message illustrates that pursuing such professions speeds up entrance into the job market. Furthermore, we illustrated the value of technical professions to parents, commonly skeptical of unconventional channels to success, especially for their daughters. The message reveals the benefits of pursuing such professions, emphasizing a key characteristic of a speedy entrance into the job market.