"Visual Identity"

European Union in Kosovo

The design and visual identity of the promotional materials for “Europe Day” is created based on a fine blend of symbols and colors that aims to convey general messages about the significance of the EU, as well as specific information about Europe Day.

This eye-catching combination results in a cheerful and playful design that will communicate with the general audience, regardless of their background. Ultimately, the promotional materials carrying this imagery will contain the true spirit of Europe Day: celebration of values with diverse, fun and entertaining activities.

The star represents the values that the EU holds. As such, the star is a very striking and identifiable symbol of the EU. The colors convey the fun and joyful character of Europe Day activities. The various colors used for the symbols represent all member states of the EU, and this way they stand for the diversity of the EU, which is one of its main values. The usage of these colors is meant not only to stand for the EU member states, but also to contribute to the amusing and enjoyable character of Europe Day celebration.