"EUICCs Communication Strategy"

European Union in Kosovo

EU Information and Cultural Centers (EUICCs) in Prishtina and North Mitrovica are a very important outreach tool of the EU in Kosovo. They are a reference point for information about the EU for Kosovo citizens, and they bring the EU closer to Kosovars. Koperativa managed the European Union’s Information and Cultural Centers in Prishtina and Mitrovica North, which entailed daily management of the centers as well as designing and providing content for events and all activities in the yearly program of the EUICCs.

All events and activities were conceived as part of monthly themes dedicated to topics of high interest for citizens both in Prishtina and Mitrovica North.
As part of this contract, Koperativa developed the concept for the marking and celebration of Europe Day 2017 all over Kosovo, as well as for the development of visual identity of all materials associated with Europe Day 2017.

Moreover, in order to boost and enhance the presence of EUICCs in Kosovo, Koperativa developed a social media strategy with the aim of attracting as much audiences to EU’s social media page in Kosovo, as well as EUICC events and activities.

Furthermore, as part of another important component of the contract, Koperativa prepared and published the “EU for Kosovo” publication, and prepared the “Quality Education for Better Prosperity.” Additionally, Koperativa translated and edited several EU publications of high interest for the Kosovar reader.

In order to enhance the communication and increase readership, Koperativa gave the EUICC website a completely new, modern look, making it more user friendly and giving it a refreshed and modern look.

As part of the EUICC website, Koperativa invited several guest bloggers to enrich the content of the website with monthly blogs that corresponded with the monthly themes of the EUICC events.