"“Closer to EU” Public Awareness Campaign"

European Union in Kosovo

Kosovo’s future in terms of political, economic and social relations is clearly in the European Union. However, the path towards EU integration is a complex one and often obscure to the common individual. These circumstances have uncovered the necessity of developing a series of communication activities that clarify this process to Kosovo citizens and inform them about the significance of EU integration and their practical role in it.

This is precisely what we have aimed to achieve through the implementation of the “Closer to EU” public awareness campaign for the “Support to Communication to EU Integration” project of the EU Office in Kosovo. With our communication approach, established with the “Closer to EU” slogan, we have captured the essence of all campaign activities and efforts in guiding Kosovo’s performance improvement in sectors like agriculture, consumer protection, food safety and safety at work, to ultimately bring it closer to the EU.

The communication style for this approach is easily identified through its consistency in information clarity and engaging language, as evident in a wide range of communication means from the campaign slogan “Closer to EU” to the public opinion survey developed to measure campaign progress.

We have embedded our creative materials, including TV ads, design materials and social media content, with attention-grabbing characteristics, including: striking designs; relatable characters; illustrative locations and colloquial narration with an overall fun tone and light sense of humor. Additionally, we have successfully organized and managed a series of panel discussions and lectures throughout Kosovo with EU representatives, Government representatives, local businesses and producers and the general public, to directly engage stakeholders in discussions pertinent to EU integration issues.