"Public Awareness Campaign"

UNOPS Kosovo

An awareness campaign financed by UNOPS Kosovo and multiple international donors, to promote and emphasize the agricultural census in Kosovo, the first one to be held in 50 years.

The creative strategy and approach for the Agricultural Census campaign focused on images and symbols with direct meaning for Kosovo farmers.

Our approach was to playfully incorporate images of crops, livestock and equipment into text, creating an inseparable link between the symbols and the message, and visualize statistics into objective memos to the farmer. The animated video developed for this campaign, aimed to translate the call for agricultural land registration into a clear message, eye-catching imagery and straight-forward narration that draw farmers’ attention and call for action for participation in the agricultural census.

Furthermore, the documentary film produced as part of the communication activities foreseen in the strategy, reflects the census process and the importance it has for economic visioning and statistical analysis.