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Koperativa LLC – Advertising and Communication Agency, Kosovo. We stand proudly behind numerous campaigns that have had the biggest impact on the Kosovo audience. Some of these campaigns have changed the way brands communicate with their audiences, while changing the way audiences perceive communication.

Our team consists of internationally recognized and award-winning names in fields of media communication, advertising, design, screenwriting, as well as prominent production, media managers, and film directors, each one blending their creative individuality with the agency’s persistence in making a difference.

With a unique, creatively-driven and tailor-made approach for each project, Koperativa ensures that clients get the most unique ideas and approaches, while giving audiences something to remember.

Our agency operations are delegated in the following departments:


Creative, Research & Strategic Planning

  • Conducting research based on the projects’ objectives
  • Creative development of communication messages
  • Identification of communication channels and formats
  • Development of communication strategies
  • Copywriting for all media formats
  • Strategic planning of communication activities.

Design & Art Department

  • Development of visual communication concepts
  • Brand development and visual identity
  • Complete design services for social media
  • Design of digital & online communication materials
  • Design of print communication materials
  • Design of visual concepts for multiple formats

Media & Production Department

  • TV and film production, management and execution
  • Digital media strategy planning and implementation
  • Social media strategic planning and implementation
  • Distribution dissemination strategy
  • Optimization of media activities and creative work
  • Optimization of media activities and creative work

From brand design to full-scale marketing campaigns,
we help our clients stand out and tell unique stories.

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